2023 A year in review

12-18-2023👤 Admin

December 2023 marks the first anniversary of the creation of ThePornator.com. Like Pornhub, I've decided to review the year 2023 myself! In a very simple way, I've put together this article with data and comments on the major trends of the year on my porn site.
Take a look. You'll find several infographics showing a variety of results between the sexes, search habits by country, time spent on thePornator.... Enjoy! Share it with your friends! Toast, laugh and, above all, have fun.
thepornator 2023 review
Credits : @thepornator.com

2023's Most Visited Sites

thepornator 2023 most visited sites
Credits : @thepornator.com

2023's Most Popular Performers

thepornator 2023 performers
Credits : @thepornator.com

2023's Survey results

thepornator 2023 survey results
Credits : @thepornator.com

2023's Most Visited tubes

thepornator 2023 videos tubes
Credits : @thepornator.com

Top 10 Countries by Traffic

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