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Purpose of the website

The Pornator is a site that presents pornographic sites by category and rating. Then, it allows each visitor who has completed the questionnaire to suggest the site that suits him best.


The contents and information on this site are protected by intellectual property law. It is forbidden to use or reproduce them without the express and prior authorisation of thepornator.com's owner.


The site uses the template BootstrapMade.

The site is hosted by OVH. Cloudfare is used as a CDN for caching resources.

The site is optimised for all modern browsers, on all media (mobile, desktop, tablet...). No restriction in screen resolution.


This website has a statistical tool (Google analytics 4) to monitor the audience and identify traffic sources. Besides, we need to store the user's answer of the disclaimer (cookie expires in 365 days). More details below in the paragraph on the data collected. Apart from these two features which use cookies, there are no others cookies.

Contact details

The Pornator is the realization of a personal project. To contact the creator or ask a question by email.

Data processing

Data not collected & our commitments

With this policy, we are committed to protecting and not aggregating personal data with individually identifiable information. For example, IP addresses are not processed other than to check the uniqueness of the questionnaires per day, and no third party organisation/company has access to data that could identify you individually. Eventually, although it is not currently possible to identify you personally from the data we collect, the data collected will be automatically anonymised by the differential privacy tools.

Purposes of the data

Site access and error data is used to monitor actual usage of the service, in order to provide optimal resources for the observed traffic. The test results data are used to provide public reports on the different preferences observed and their evolution over time. This data is offered in the form of public statistical data.

The data collected

Here is an exhaustive list of the data we collect:

  • Google Analytics 4 data to measure the site's audience
  • List of accesses to the web server (host's logs)
  • List of potential errors encountered when loading the site
  • Survey results data associated with :
    • The date, answers and result of each questionnaire without any personal data
    • Time spent, PDI and user-agent on each questionnaire to identify bots, inconsistent responses and bombing attempts

Terms of service

Porn Site Owners

First of all, let me be clear: ThePornator does not own any of the websites reviewed or ranked here, nor am I responsible for any of their content. I’m just the comparator who takes every website for a thorough wank test and the reports back here according my performance criterias. The xxx web is a big, constantly growing place, and I just want to select the best sites. I try to keep my eye on everything perverted online, but there’s only so much one person can do. If you’ve got a super-awesome porn sites, hit me up.
Come on! My readers are horny and eager for more adult content. Just make sure your porn site is good, or my report won’t be! So, if you're a serious porn site owner and if you would like to be listed on my directory, please contact me.

Built For You

I started The Pornator as a labor of love, just writing up my own experiences so I can remember which porn sites suck and which ones result in mind-boggling orgasms every time. It still is a labor of love, but I recognize how valuable it has become to perverts around the web. Hey, you’re my kind of people! I ain’t going to bullshit you; my reviews and rankings are 100% accurate without any bullshit or lies.

Filtered Process

Why use The Pornator instead of one of my imitators? Why not just head straight to Google and skip the middleman? It’s all about my filtered process. I spend a good amount of time with every website I review. Nothing is automated, so what reaches you is a nonbiased opinion about the best porn sites on the Internet. Trust me to help you find your own masturbatory gold.

Daily Updates

ThePornator is a constantly growing archive and directory of the best pornography out there. The web is still a wild, unpredictable place where new live sex cams and celebrity nude depositories appear all the goddamn time. Every day, I’m adding new reviews and adjusting my old ones, tweaking the rankings and making sure you’re never stuck wanking off to old, outdated, or just inferior content. This is a curated list, my perverted friends, so you’re always assured the latest, greatest, freshest and sexiest smut out there.

Search Functionality

On home page, you can search a site by filling some filters (rates, categories and query). I do my best to divide up the site into sections. But the easiest way to find your porn site is to make the survey and let me suggest the best one according your answers.

Disclaimer of liability

  • Purpose of the reviews: This review of "ThePornator.com" on each site is offered solely for the information and entertainment of its users. The views expressed within this review reflect the individual perspectives of our contributors and should not be construed as an endorsement or formal promotion of the site or its content. Our ratings are based on overall user experience and site features.
  • Character Fiction: It is essential to emphasize that "ThePornator" is a fictional character, used as a conceptual element for the site. "ThePornator" does not represent any real individual, and the use of this character is primarily for humorous and entertainment purposes.
  • No direct affiliation : No partnership, collaboration or official affiliation exists between ThePornator.com and other sites mentioned. If links are provided to ThePornator.com, they are the result of ad hoc agreements and do not reflect a mutual recommendation or close collaboration.
  • Responsibility for content: ThePornator.com does not control or own the rights to the content on the sites evaluated. Any concerns regarding legality, copyright or other issues should be addressed directly to the site owners.
  • Diversity of opinion: Reviews on ThePornator.com are the work of a diverse team of contributors. As such, the analysis of each site reflects the subjective perspective of the assigned reviewer and may differ from other reviews on our platform.
  • Returns and adjustments: We invite our readers to report any inaccuracies or disputes relating to our reviews via the contact form (link in the footer). We are committed to investigating and responding to all relevant feedback.
  • Legal Position: Any act intended to harm ThePornator.com's image or brand will be handled by our legal team. We are committed to protecting the integrity and credibility of ThePornator.com.
  • Ethical commitment: Feedback from advocates, content creators and the public on the ethical or legal aspects of our evaluations is invaluable. We strive to uphold standards of honesty, clarity and integrity.
  • Consent and legal age: It is crucial that users verify that they are of legal age and have given their consent before accessing adult content on ThePornator.com. Compliance with these principles is fundamental to legal and ethical browsing.
  • Content changes: The content of the sites evaluated is subject to change. Users should therefore remain vigilant and aware of the mutable nature of adult platforms.
  • User Obligations: We encourage every user to use the information on ThePornator.com in an ethical and responsible manner. This includes respecting the rights and privacy of creators, adhering to applicable laws, and complying with the terms of use for online adult content.
  • Transparent review process: At ThePornator.com, we prioritize transparency in our review process. Our reviewers follow a rigorous process to evaluate various aspects of adult sites. We are committed to ensuring objectivity and fairness in our reviews, providing reliable and informed evaluations.
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