Ersties is a pornography website that stands out from other sites of its kind. The team's philosophy is to create films filled with passion, joy, and natural beauty, with a focus on female sexuality. Their team is exclusively composed of women, and they make every effort to offer authentic, empowering, and respectful content for all those involved. Founded over ten years ago in Berlin, the project has grown over time, but the primary mission remains unchanged: to change the way pornography is produced. The site highlights the beauty of female sexuality, offering a wide variety of content featuring women from diverse backgrounds. Ersties also offers documentaries to allow users to discover behind-the-scenes of the shoots and learn more about the actors. They share the limits they do not want to exceed, their preferences, as well as their feelings before and after the scenes. The site also has a Staff Picks section where each team member shares their favorite film, along with exclusive anecdotes about the shoot and the actors involved. Ersties offers a different approach to pornography by showcasing the natural beauty of female sexuality and offering a wide variety of content. Their all-female team works in a respectful and empowering environment for all those involved.

Last modification date: 04-24-2023

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