Leakimedia is a porn forum where you can exchange leaks for free. That is to say, photos and videos of models who sell for the most part their content on sites like onlyfans, mym or swame. You can also find videos from premium sites in free access. It is a real community of mutual aid around porn. Users make requests and spontaneously and voluntarily, others respond by sharing content or links directly with login/password. One of the assets of this type of forum is the reactivity and the knowledge of the community. You can make a screen of a video by asking the name of the secondary actress you see in the background. Often, it doesn't take more than a day to get the answer and access to other contents of this actress. One final negative point: slowness. Pages sometimes take a long time to load.

Domain: https://leakimedia.com/
Last modification date: 01-16-2024

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